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Call for projects

As part of its social and environmental commitment, CFM Indosuez Monaco is joining forces with the Indosuez Foundation to advocate for the social inclusion and education of vulnerable people. This year, the CFM Indosuez Monaco is launching a call out for projects whose regulations can be consulted below:

See Rules of Engagement (FR)

•    Projects must be supported by organisations recognised for their professionalism and the relevance of their actions .
•    The projects are chosen by an executive committee as well as volunteer employees. 
•    The projects are chosen in accordance to a standardised selection and instruction process .
If you have a clear and precise project that could benefit from the financial support of the Indosuez Foundation, we invite you to complete the pre selected file by : 11 March 2024, by clicking on the link.
If your application is eligible, you will receive the application file to be completed.  
The results will be communicated in July 2024.
For further information on this specific Call for project, you can write to philanthropie@cfm-indosuez.mc



Embodying our purpose

A commitment to the public interest is part of the DNA of the Indosuez group. We put our commitments into practice while ensuring we remain our clients’ trusted partners, by strictly observing regulations and ensuring the protection of our clients’ interests. 

As part of our commitment to sustainability and a responsible economy, we have introduced Green Finance with the support of the Credit Agricole group. 

CFM Indosuez CSR charter

In 2022, CFM Indosuez will strengthen its societal and environmental commitment by focusing on its core purpose, which is shared with our Group as a whole: Working every day in the interest of our customers and society. Drawing on this core purpose, we have worked in collaboration with our employees to build the Bank’s CSR Charter, which you will find attached here.

Adapting Crédit Agricole’s policies

Indosuez Group is committed to Crédit Agricole group’s continuous, proactive drive for progress, which we apply through innovative group-wide and local initiatives.

Our employees are involved in a variety of projects that build respect for individuals, promote environmental conservation, and enhance our clients’ trust.

Contributing to progress

We know that our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a vector for progress – and we have enshrined it in our corporate culture. The aims of our varied initiatives within the group are to not only support social entrepreneurship, but also raise our clients’ and our employees’ awareness of the key environmental and societal issues.

Supporting sustainability in Monaco

CFM Indosuez has organised many initiatives in favour of sustainable development in Monaco, in particular in partnership with the Principality.

In 2003, with the support of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, CFM Indosuez set up a specialised sustainable development investment fund – CFM Indosuez Environnement Développement Durable – to foster initiatives by encouraging financial investments in this area.

In 2023, CFM Indosuez Wealth Management and its subsidiary CFM Indosuez Gestion have entered into a partnership agreement to support the conservation activities of the World Coral Conservatory (WCC), a collaborative programme between the Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM - Centre Scientifique de Monaco) and the Oceanographic Institute.
> Read the press release

Protecting children

We are also active in protecting children, and CFM Indosuez is a proud supporter of AMADE. Founded in 1963 by Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE was one of the first international charities set up to serve this important cause. The association works to allow “all children, whatever their social, religious or cultural origins, to be able to live with dignity and security and with their fundamental rights fully respected”.

Raising Monaco’s profile

CFM Indosuez contributes to raising Monaco’s profile, notably in the cultural sphere. Since 1999 we have been an official partner of the Monte-Carlo Ballet and of the Prince Pierre Foundation. CFM Indosuez also sponsors many cultural, charity and sporting events.

Promoting ocean awareness

CFM Indosuez supports the Institut Océanographique de Monaco in its bid to encourage people to “understand, love and protect the oceans”

CFM Indosuez Wealth Management keenly supports the Institut Océanographique’s work to raise awareness and to convince and secure the support of as many people as possible of the need to protect the oceans and their biodiversity.

By financing the Institut Océanographique’s work, CFM Indosuez is helping to promote understanding of the marine world among the general public, business leaders, politicians, the media and influencers, to encourage them to protect marine life.

Applying the SFDR regulation

The EU Regulation 2019/2088 on Sustainability Reporting in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR) which came into force on 10 March 2021 requires its players to publish their policies with respect to:

  • the integration of sustainability risks into their investment decision-making process,
  • the consideration of the main negative impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors,
  • the integration of sustainability risks into their remuneration policy (upcoming publication).


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