Corporate Finance & Advisory

The leader in Corporate Finance services

Our House offers and deals with banking and financial solutions for all types of private customers, whether they are entrepreneurs or investors, particularly in real estatebased .

Specific solutions

Over the years, CFM Indosuez has consolidated its presence with Monegasque executives, capitalising on a significant number of deals carried out across all Corporate Finance activities.

We provide senior executives with a range of activities aimed at advising them in their capital transactions, high balance sheet transactions on the generally unlisted securities of the companies they hold.

We can cite capital opening transactions via investors, such as funds, or private investors of the business Angel type. We also carry out debt structuring advisory assignments up to LBO, OBO, MBO type financing. Sometimes this debt is raised as part of an external growth transaction.

When the time comes, we support the executive in a sale operation of his company, a core activity of M & A. It is accompanied by significant contractual and financial work (audits, due diligence) and a search for an acquirer that preserves the confidentiality of the transaction until closing.

The preferred bank for entrepreneurs

In our Corporate Finance businesses, such as Fortune Management, we ensure that we provide our clients with comprehensive, personal and attentive advice.

Managers operating in the Principality can therefore entrust us with the management of their company's day to day operations. We offer a range of solutions that meet their specific expectations, particularly in terms of electronic payments, operating loans, investment financing and cash management.

Real estate professionals have a team of specialists dedicated in particular to structuring real estate development financing, renovations and property merchants, as well as the management and cash flow of the flows generated by these operations.

A dedicated location

In order to offer our corporate, institutional and business customers the proximity necessary for high quality monitoring, we make available to them a dedicated site run by a specialised team, at the Suffren Reymond agency.   Professionals also have specific contacts in several of our branches.

Monaco’s largest trading floor

Our front office was created in 1987 and is the largest one in Monaco. Our experts provide businesses and institutional investors with treasury and forex and interest rate risk management services.

Polyglotte, our trading desk, allows real-time trading and gives investors access to our international trading platforms.