Commercial and corporate banking

The leader in commercial banking services

We are the only bank in Monaco to provide banking and financial solutions for all client categories – individuals and professionals.

Specific solutions

We provide our clients with global, tailored advice in our commercial and corporate banking activities, in the same way as we do in Wealth Management.

Our teams of specialists offer our individual clients in Monaco a comprehensive range of services including everyday transaction management, financing solutions and access to our investment solutions, which benefit from our Wealth Management expertise.

We offer professionals active in Monaco a range of solutions tailored to their specific requirements, including electronic payment solutions, credit lines, investment financing and treasury management services

Our back offices manage all our clients’ domestic and international cash and documentary credit transactions locally, allowing us to deliver high-quality, fast services.


A dedicated facility

To ensure we maintain the close relationship needed to deliver premium services, we have a dedicated facility for business and institutional clients in our Suffren Reymond branch, staffed by a team of specialists. Professionals also have their own advisors in several of our branches.

The preferred bank of businesses

In keeping with part of our original corporate purpose in Monaco – “to serve as a merchant bank and facilitate development” – CFM Indosuez has been the preferred bank of local businesses for 100 years.

We provide our business clients with a full range of banking services, including financing solutions tailored to their business activity and their development plans. For example, we are involved in financing the major public-private infrastructure projects that are shaping Monaco’s future.

Monaco’s largest trading floor

Our front office was created in 1987 and is the largest one in Monaco. Our experts provide businesses and institutional investors with treasury and forex and interest rate risk management services.

Polyglotte, our trading desk, allows real-time trading and gives investors access to our international trading platforms.